7 Ways to Help New Operators Be Safe From the Start

May 13, 2022 • In the Media

SCM Instructor Toby Gooley, Contributing Editor at DC Velocity, writes that fleet managers may need to reconsider their one-size-fits-all approach to forklift safety training.

Lockdowns Driving Multinational Soul-searching on Staying in China

May 13, 2022 • In the Media

CTL Director Yossi Sheffi was quoted by UK-based The Loadstar about companies' apprehension to stay in China, as lockdowns are heavily impacting international supply chains.

Yossi Sheffi Among Top Ten Supply Chain Influencers

May 10, 2022 • In the Media

CTL Director Yossi Sheffi was recognized by Supply Chain Digital as a top 10 supply chain influencer.

Dr. Sheffi is an expert in systems optimisation, risk analysis, and supply chain management. He also serves as the Director of the Centre for Transportation and Logistics. He is the author of several bestselling books, including The Resilient Enterprise, Urban Transportation Networks, Logistics Clusters, and The Power of Resilience. He has founded or co-founded five successful companies: LogiCorp; PTCG; e-Chemicals; Logistics.com; and Syncra Systems. 

Retirement: A New Way of Living

May 04, 2022 • In the Media

MIT AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin joins Walter Isaacson on the Trailblazers podcast, where he discusses retirement, life expectancy, and the societal pressure on the aging population to retire and allow a younger workforce to take their jobs.

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Top Sea Polluters Beg for Climate Rules That No Rival Can Avoid

May 04, 2022 • In the Media

MIT Sustainable Supply Chain Lab Director Josué Velázquez Martínez was quoted by Bloomberg about pressures on the International Maritime Organization, a United Nations oversight body, to revisit their regulations on greenhouse gas emission.

Measuring Reusable Packaging Performance in Omni-channel Networks

May 02, 2022 • In the Media

In an article for Supply Chain Management Review, Dr. Eva Ponce writes about how omni-channel supply chains can support the development of circular supply chains. 

One way is to create reverse flow channels that collect returned product and packaging for recycling and reuse. The retail industry is actively developing these reverse supply chains, but one of the challenges they face is how to measure the impact of reuse strategies on omni-channel operations.

Why 18 Minutes Could Be the Answer to Global Truck Driver Shortages

April 29, 2022 • In the Media

MIT FreightLab Co-Director David Correll was interviewd by UK-based news outlet Supply Management about driver detention, and how supply chain pressures could be eased by allowing drivers to spend more time on the road.

Supply Chain Resilience in a State of Steady Disruption

April 28, 2022 • In the Media

In a presentation at the 2022 MIT Manufacturing Conference, CTL Humanitarian Supply Chain Lab Director Jarrod Goentzel discussed the advantages of flexibility when supply chain disruptions are becoming more common. Establishing a direct relationship with their supplier was an example that allowed hospitals to be better prepared for the beginning of the pandemic

Truckers Hope Bill Brings Long-Sought Overtime Pay to Their Field

April 27, 2022 • In the Media

MIT FreightLab Co-Director David Correll was quoted by Capitol Hill news outlet Roll Call about a bipartisan bill just introduced in the House of Representatives that would eliminate truck drivers' exempt status for overtime pay above 40 hours per week.

Are Supply Chains Stuck in Detention?

April 25, 2022 • News

Washington is recognizing that the American truck driver shortage might have been misdiagnosed.

Research from David Correll, a research scientist at the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics and co-director at the MIT FreightLab, has been getting some attention in Washington recently.

DAT Executives Provide Insights On Myriad Market Trends

April 14, 2022 • In the Media

CTL Executive Director Chris Caplice was interviewed by Logistics Management about different market trends, such as freight recession and the seasonality of increasing fuel prices:

Smaller US Ports Offer Potential Solution for Supply Chain Delays

April 13, 2022 • In the Media

CTL Deputy Director Jim Rice was interviewed by Fox Business in regards to smaller ports becoming viable alternatives to overcrowded docks:

FreightLab Research Cited Again in White House Trucking Plan

April 06, 2022 • In the Media

MIT FreightLab Co-Director David Correll's research was cited in a recent fact sheet released by the White House detailing the Biden administration's plans to address issues in the trucking industry:

Why Online Practitioner Communities Are a Valuable Professional Resource

April 05, 2022 • Blogs

Executive Director of MITx MicroMasters in Supply Chain Management Eva Ponce and Senior Communications Officer Arthur Grau discuss the benefits of cultivating communities in online professional education.

Eva and Arthur's article, originally posted on our MIT Supply Chain blog, was recently featured in SupplyChain247.

How “Detention” is Punishing Truck Drivers and Supply Chains

April 04, 2022 • In the Media

In an interview with NPR's Marketplace, FreightLab director David Correll discussed his research into the efficiencies and bottlenecks involved in trucking. According to his research, truck drivers on average spend only six and a half hours a day actually driving even though they are allowed, by law, up to 11 hours per day.

MIT CTL announces 2022–23 UPS Fellowship recipients

March 30, 2022 • News
Fellows are awarded full tuition and monthly stipend from UPS Foundation

The MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics is pleased to announce that two students have been awarded the UPS Fellowship for the 2022–23 academic year.

Will Just Transition Agendas Reshape Supply Chain Sustainability Goals?

March 30, 2022 • Blogs

David Correll and Ken Cottrill discuss the potential impact on the supply chain sustainability space by "just transition", a principle that would attempt to balance a successful economy and cleaner environment. Is just transition another short-lived buzzword - like "net zero" - that will have minimal impact on supply chain operations, or is it something more substantial?

Why Millennials, Gen X & Retiring Boomers Need To Find Their Happy Place

March 29, 2022 • In the Media

AgeLab Director Joseph F. Coughlin writes in Forbes:

Supply Chain Issues are Slowing Deliveries, but the Real Problem is all Your Shopping

March 24, 2022 • In the Media

In an interview with USA Today, CTL Director Yossi Sheffi explains that, while supply chain bottlenecks are responsible for the current disruptions in deliveries to shoppers, "the main culprit is [increasing consumer] demand." He points to the timing of these bottlenecks emerging: in 2021, a full year after the onset of the pandemic.

Full Article (USA Today subscriber content)

Where Are the Tech Companies in Biden's Supply Chain Initiative?

March 21, 2022 • In the Media

CTL Director Yossi Sheffi was quoted in a recent SupplyChainBrain article about the Biden administration's Freight Logistics Optimization Works (FLOW) initiative, which has prioritized inviting companies like retailers and shippers, leaving out logistics tech.

Finding New Ways to Attract Talent

March 08, 2022 • In the Media

Diane Rand writes in DC Velocity: "I recently came across a 2010 white paper written by Ken Cottrill at MIT’s Center for Transportation & Logistics that noted t

MIT CTL and C.H. Robinson Launch Unique Supply Chain Program

February 23, 2022 • Press Releases

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., February 23, 2022 – The MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics (MIT CTL) in collaboration with global logistics company C.H. Robinson has created a custom, advanced certificate program in supply chain management for the company’s employees.

2021 Was the Year Supply Chain Managers Became Cool

February 15, 2022 • In the Media

In an interview with Quartz, executive director of MIT’s master’s program in supply chain management Maria Jesus Saénz discussed the increase in supply chain professionals recruited directly from the program.

The Warehouse Space Race

February 08, 2022 • In the Media

MIT CTL Director Yossi Sheffi was recently interviewed by The American Prospect about the future of just-in-time inventories, which have been called into question amid pandemic disruptions.

Just-in-time is not going to go away anytime soon, or maybe ever, because it’s just too good. […] I’m not saying get out of China or Southeast Asia. But think about distributing your purchasing power.

Read the full article on The American Prospect 

Three Ways to Leverage Sustainability as a Growth Engine

February 08, 2022 • In the Media

Supply Chain Brain recently called out the State of Supply Chain Sustainability 2021 in reference leveraging sustainability as a way to build stronger and more cost-efficient supply chains to maintain competitive advantage.