CTL Exchange Partners CTL Research Partners  
Priority access to CTL faculty, researchers, and students  Yes  Yes  
Networking within MIT and CTL’s corporate partner community  Yes  No  
CTL symposia, conferences, and other events  Yes  No  
One complimentary seat per membership year at CTL executive education course; deep discounts on additional seats      Yes  No  
Regular briefing materials and webinars on research  Yes  No  
Graduate student recruiting opportunities  Yes  Yes  
Option to participate in Capstone Partners Program  Yes  Yes  
Option to fund directed research (company specific)  Yes  Yes  
Access to SCALE network  Yes  Yes  
Research Group partner meetings to interact on framing and driving research agenda  No  Yes  
Early access to research results of Research Group  No  Yes  
Early and deep knowledge of Research Group methods and findings  No  Yes  
Ongoing relationship with Research Group directors and researchers  No  Yes  























For information about how your company can join the Exchange, contact Director of the Supply Chain Exchange Jim Rice at jrice@mit.edu or 617.258.8584

Employees of partner companies can learn how to access the Partner Portal here.