During his tenure in CTL Dr. Larry Lapide directed two demand management initiatives focused on process innovation in this area. They were the: 1) CTL’s Demand Management Interest Group and 2) Larstan Business Reports' Demand Management Solutions Group.

  1. The Demand Management Interest Group (DMIG) was a one-year CTL Special Interest Group (SIG), that was designed exclusively for Supply Chain Exchange sponsors that had a strong interest in the demand management topic. At a Networking Retreat, held at MIT on December 11, 2007, members shared and transfered knowledge about DM processes within their companies and industries. (See the Demand Management Interest Group Networking Retreat Report for a summary). In addition, Dr. Lapide participated in events at some members' sites for the purposes of DM training and process profiling, and internal knowledge sharing and transfer. Membership in the DMIG is no longer available.
  2. Larstan Publishing, in cooperation with Dr. Lapide, formed the Demand Management Solutions Group. Designed for solution providers it included technology-based solution companies, consultants, and technically-oriented users that collaboratively shared practices and new ideas.  This two-year group completed its research on January 31, 2009. It was focused on the products and services companies need to enable innovative demand management strategies, principles, and methods.