CTL Spotlight

June 6
The MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics Executive Education intensive courses provide the resources you need to stay ahead of the latest developments in SCM. To harness the power of the supply chain as a strategic resource, executive leadership needs to cultivate teams that exhibit a unique combination of both analytical and interpersonal capabilities. Our faculty and instructors include some of the world’s most prominent thought leaders across disciplines.


Today's episode features Milena Janjevic, Research Scientist at the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics, and Mike Bucci, Senior Director for Solutions Delivery at Coupa Software. Milena and Mike discuss how they're seeing the field evolve, touching on four big opportunities to take supply chain design from a cost-minimization exercise to an engine to drive value creation.
Research scientist David Correll speaks with Tilburg University postdoctoral researcher Angela Acocella, MIT CTL Ph.D. '22 on the hidden costs and possible reasons for ghost lanes.
Parker, Young, and Luebbert discuss how leading teams in high-stress environments like military combat requires empathy and humility.
In today’s episode, research scientist David Correll speaks with the 2021–22 MIT CTL military fellows: US Army Col. Joe Parker, Lt. Col. Brian Young...
Join MIT Global SCALE Connect for an in-depth conversation with Paul Granadillo, SVP Global Supply Chain at Moderna. MIT Professor Yossi Sheffi speaks...