Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Integrated Supply Chain Management Program?

A: The ISCM is a research consortium of non-competing companies that focuses on the supply chain. ISCM events and the research agenda are driven and selected by the sponsors. The events typically consist of best-practice exchange symposia and research colloquia for sponsors. Learn more here.

Q: How does the ISCM Program work?

A: A company joins the ISCM for the annual fee of $40,000, which supports the research agenda and all ISCM activities. The company is encouraged to actively participate in each research project and all activities. If you are interested in joining, please contact Jim Rice at 617.258.8584 or by email at Learn more about how the ISCM works here.

Q: How does the ISCM compare with the Supply Chain Exchange at CTL?
A: Both are consortiums of companies that are part of the CTL, and both host symposia that address supply chain issues. The Supply Chain Exchange partners are entitled to attend a series of symposia offered by the Center. Unlike the ISCM, the Center does not have a specific research agenda. Also, while the ISCM is primarily focused on supply chain issues, the Supply Chain Exchange has a broader focus that includes transportation, logistics, and supply chain.

Q: What is the research agenda for the ISCM?

A:The ISCM research agenda is the set of research projects that the ISCM Consortium supports. These projects are funded partially or fully by the ISCM and are selected by the sponsors. Typically, the ISCM will make an investment in a research project, work over time with the project researchers, and involve the sponsors as they are available and interested.