Port Resilience - Interview with Tor Wergeland by Oyvind Berle 11-27-09
An interview on Port Resilience with Tor Wergeland of Euromed in Marseilles, conducted by Oyvind Berle, visiting PhD candidate at the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics on 11-27-09 in Copenhagen

Interview with Prof. Bjorn Egil Asbjornslett, NTNU
An interview with Prof. Bjorn Egil Asbjornslett of NTNU. The audio portion is very poor so you will need to TURN UP THE AUDIO VOLUME after the introductions. 

CNN Video - Spies Among Us: Black market bombs, Sept. 10, 2009
This video was posted by CNN.com on September 10, 2009 as part of a story on the risks of nuclear bombs in freight containers, "Spied Among Us: Black market bombs"

MIT CTL Video - Port Resilience Discussion with Deverl Maserang of Chiquita, 8-19-09
This video shows Chiquita's Deverl Masserang discussing the importance of ports and how Chiquita dealt with an impending port disruption successfully.