Business, government, and consumer concern about environmental and sustainability issues shape the practice of supply chain management. Companies and organizations must develop strategies that are both strategic for their supply chains and that meet their responsibility and sustainability goals.

A new generation of sustainability is unfolding. Join us as we explore the future.

MIT Sustainable Supply Chains Lab

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Sustainable supply chain management

Supply chain sustainability is now a business imperative fueled by the demands and requirements of consumers, governments, investors, and third parties. Investors and consumers are requiring increasingly robust social and environmental action from organizations.

To better understand and support these changes, researchers at the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics have come together in this initiative to individually and collaboratively improve the social and environmental sustainability of supply chain business processes.

The next generation of supply chain professionals

This work serves as a platform for MIT CTL to engage with students, industry, and stakeholders on research, education, and engagement related to sustainable supply chains. We aspire to empower current and future generation of supply chain leaders to make a positive impact on people and planet while meeting their business needs. Educating future supply chain professionals is the key to enabling the future of sustainable supply chains.

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