July 04, 2023
In the Media

Research Scientist and FreightLab Co-Director David Correll recently gave an interview to FreightWaves touching on the quality of life for truck drivers. Here's a brief excerpt:

"There are two things about the way truck drivers are managed that are out of date: one, they do not qualify for overtime pay, and two, that they’re paid by the mile. These have always struck me as anachronistic and part of the problem, so efforts to correct this notion that overtime pay doesn’t apply to truck drivers I really think would help.

I also very much support the effort to require shippers and receivers to provide restroom facilities. I love researching drivers, and the hardest part in talking with them is when you hear grown men and women talk about how they’re treated, particularly with regard to bathroom facilities. It’s unsettling. It seems a strange thing for people to have to take on and fight for, but it really is needed."