Supply Chain Management has commonly been focused on large firms, and little attention has received micro and small enterprises, which represent ~99% of all businesses in the world

MicroSupply Chains

Leveraging Supply Chain Management and Business practices in Micro and Small Firms

The MIT Low Income Firms Transformation (LIFT) Lab project focuses on contributing to the survival and growth of small businesses by improving their operations and supply chain management decisions. MIT LIFT Lab, founded in 2022, grew out of the MIT GeneSys project, which began in 2016 with the aim of contributing to small business growth specifically in developing countries.

By using descriptive and inferential statistical analysis, utilizing standard methods as well as sophisticated machine learning techniques, our projects are based on empirical research with real data from MSEs, including large-scale analysis and field interventions. The information used for our studies is based on primary data collected via immersion, shadowing and observation, which significantly increases the quality and impact of the analysis. We aim to develop a comprehensive model-based theory grounded in the data and the context, so the findings can be used in the future when conditions change.


Helping micro and small firms in Latin America mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 crisis

As a response to this COVID-19 crisis, the MIT GeneSys team outlined and deployed a large-scale research project for Fall 2020 in collaboration with 10 of the top universities in Latin America.

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