August 08, 2023

PhD Candidate Jonas Lehmann, CTL Principal Research Scientist Matthias Winkenbach, and CTL Research Scientist Milena Janjevic published a study highlighting the leading carbon footprint of hybrid containers.

"As carbon emissions surge worldwide, mounting pressure from politicians and shareholders alike is driving decarbonization efforts across all industries. In our new study, we investigate the operational and tactical levers to reduce carbon emissions in temperature-sensitive cold chain logistics.

We created a novel door-to-door carbon estimation and allocation tool tailored to cold-chain logistics in pharmaceuticals using airfreight as primary mode of transportation. Our advanced tool incorporates several unique aspects not considered in previous studies. For example, it incorporates network-level emissions and introduces a new granular approach for estimating transport emissions. Moreover, it is the first study of its kind to calculate emissions based on volumetric weight, in contrast to most allocation frameworks that use weight-based metrics only."

To find out more about ways to reduce carbon emissions during temperature-sensitive cold chain shipments, read the full study here

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