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International Venues

"Brief historical notes on supply chain management and supply chain strategy". Plenary talk. CLI 6th Academic Workshop. Viña del Mar, Chile. October 19, 2011. Presenter: Roberto Perez-Franco.

"New approaches in logistics strategy". Keynote presentation. IV National Congress on Engineering, Science and Technology. UTP, Panama City, Panama. October 14, 2011. Speaker: Roberto Perez-Franco.

"A scenario planning process to prepare U.S. healthcare system for an uncertain and different future", INFORMS Healthcare Conference. Montreal, Canada. Jun 20-22, 2011. Presenter: Shardul Phadnis.

"SC2020 Supply Chain Futures", CIES Supply Chain Conference, Prague. October 12, 2007. Presenter: Larry Lapide.

"SC2020 Project: Supply Chain Futures and Strategy Alignment", SCMF Conference.  Helsinki. October 10, 2007. Presenter: Larry Lapide.

"Supply Chain 2020", MIT-ILP Workshop. Manila. March 9, 2007. Speaker: Larry Lapide.

“Scenario Planning and Supply Chain Strategy.” SCM Logistics World 2006 Conference. Melbourne, Australia. November, 2006. Presenter: Mahender Singh.

US Venues

"Effect of scenario planning on strategic decision-making by field experts", INFORMS Annual Meeting. Charlotte, North Carolina. Nov 13-16, 2011. Presenter: Shardul Phadnis.

"Managerial cognition and its implications for strategic decision-making: Case of a U.S. healthcare firm", Production & Operations Management Society Annual Conference. Reno, Nevada. April 29 – May 2, 2011. Presenter: Shardul Phadnis.

"A Methodology to Capture, Evaluate and Reformulate a Firm's Supply Chain Strategy as a Conceptual System." Doctoral dissertation defense. MIT, Boston, MA. May 18, 2010. Presenter: Roberto Perez-Franco.

"A method for enhancing supply chain strategy using scenario-based thinking", Production & Operations Management Society Annual Conference. Presenter: Shardul Phadnis. Orlando, Florida. May 1-4, 2009.

"Making Explicit the 'As Is' Supply-Chain Strategy of a Firm." Production & Operations Management Society Annual Conference. Orlando, Florida. May 1-4, 2009. Presenter: Roberto Perez-Franco.

"Supply Chain 2020 Track", CSCMP Annual Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. October 21-24, 2007. Presenter: Mahender Singh

"Supply Chain 2020 Track", CSCMP Annual Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. October 21-24, 2007. Track Chair: Larry Lapide.

"Supply Chain Excellence = Strategy Alignment", SAS Business Leadership Event. Las Vegas, Nevada. October 3, 2007. Speaker: Larry Lapide.

"Characteristics of The Supply Chain of The Future – MIT’s SC2020 Project", LogiChem 2007. Scottsdale, Arizona. September 24-27, 2007. Presenter: Mahender Singh.

"Supply Chain Excellence = Strategy Alignment", HK Systems Materials Handling & Logistics Conference. Park City, Utah. September 17, 2007. Presenter: Larry Lapide.

"Building the Supply Chain of the Future Now: An Academic Perspective", Supply Chain World North America: 2007 Conference and Exposition. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Track chair: Larry Lapide. March 20, 2007

"Supply Chain 2020 Project", GMA/FPA Information Systems and Logistics Distribution Conference. Orlando, Florida. March 21, 2007. Presenter: Larry Lapide

"SC2020: Building the Future Supply Chain Now." 2006 APICS International Conference and Exposition. Orlando, Florida. October 29, 2006. Presenter: Larry Lapide.

"SC2020: Aligning Metrics to Support Competitive Strategy." Annual Conference of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals. San Antonio, Texas. October 16, 2006. Presenters:  Larry Lapide and Chris Caplice.

"Supply Chain 2020: Strategies for the Future." Supply Chain Management 2010 Event, ExxonMobil Chemical. Houston, Texas. May 2006. Presenter: Larry Lapide.

“Supply Chain Strategies for the Future.” Keynote speech at the National Association of Chain Drug Stores Supply Chain & Logistics Conference. San Diego, California. March 2006. Speaker: Mahender Singh.

"The MIT Supply Chain 2020 Project & Cisco Systems." Annual Conference of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals. San Diego, California. October 2005. Presenters: Larry Lapide and Jim Miller (Cisco Systems).

"Supply Chain 2020: Translating Today's Strengths Into Tomorrow's Supply Chains." Keynote speech at the Frontline Solutions Conference and Expo. Chicago, Illinois. September 2005. Speaker: Larry Lapide.

"Introduction to the Supply Chain 2020 Project." Army Medical Logistics Integrated Research Team Meeting. Frederick, Maryland. May 2005. Presenter: Larry Lapide.