Research Scope

A simplified model of the healthcare supply chain is presented in Figure 1 below.  With this model as its starting point, The MEHD Group will drive research to:

Identify the Dynamics of the Current Healthcare Supply Chain

Research to refine and deepen our knowledge about the healthcare industry and its supply chains at a total system level.  Specifically, we will seek to understand the forces that are creating and driving the current structures; roles of and values added by various participants; incentives and rewards that guide behaviors of participants; and current key business practices of various participants.

Apply Scenario-Based Planning Methodologies to the Healthcare Supply Chain

Research to better understand imminent structural shifts, future market forces, and various demand patterns in the healthcare industry that may redefine the whole value chain.  Research to identify supply network capabilities that will be more effective in dealing with the needs of the future environment.  Additionally, such understanding will allow participants to gain deeper insights into key uncertainties; aid strategic planning; help identify potential drivers of change and sensors to watch as the future unfolds; and assist in creating desirable futures for every  healthcare supply chain (the ‘preferred state’).

Recommend and develop game-changing strategies, policies, and technologies

Research to develop innovative concepts and business practices aimed at making the healthcare value chain more efficient.

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Simplified Model of Demand Flow in the Healthcare Supply Chain

Research Deliverables

The output of research conducted by The MEHD Group will fall into two categories

Research Projects

This initiative will support a range of researchers and research centers within and affiliated with MIT.  Effort will be made to encourage collaborations and direct engagement with industry participants throughout the healthcare supply chain to enrich the discussions.

Education and Outreach Deliverables

Delivery of new knowledge created by The MEHD Group will take many forms, including incorporation in academic courses, in executive education courses and workshops, and in a wide range of publication vehicles.  In addition, we will participate actively in events to share knowledge and encourage adoption of innovation.