What is Volpe?

The objective of this partnership is to conduct advanced transportation-related research into aspects of transportation technology, policy, and safety consistent with the graduate and undergraduate educational mission of the contractor. Tasks that are defined cover all modes of transportation operations and safety-related programs.

Areas of research

The direction and scope of this research include, but are not limited to, the following general areas:

  • Applying computer science techniques to air traffic control, traffic management systems, intelligent transportation systems, transportation system scheduling and planning, and safety enhancement
  • Using test facilities for verification of the appropriate application of new technologies to transportation systems problems
  • Using simulators and modeling tools to develop, analyze, and improve transportation safety, policy, and planning, including asset management and risk management
  • Applying the expertise and resources of the Volpe-MIT Center of Innovation for Human Factors Research to conduct research on advanced manmade interfaces in transportation systems
  • Determining the benefits-cost of various human factors safety, security, and mobility issues and solutions within and across transportation systems

Key members of the team

Dr. Charles M. Oman, coman@mit.edu, 617-253-7508
Professor Robert J. Hansman Jr.
Professor Amedeo R. Odoni