What is The MIT Efficient Healthcare Delivery Group?

MIT CTL has launched a research consortium called The MEHD Group (The MIT Efficient Healthcare Delivery Group) to drive innovation in healthcare supply chain management.

CTL believes that MIT’s considerable expertise in tackling large-scale complex systems will lead to breakthrough developments in a domain that has traditionally been addressed in operationally-focused and fragmented ways.

The mission of The MEHD Group is to envision the future of the healthcare system and create new knowledge, new technologies, and new business practices that will help improve healthcare delivery everywhere. We assume that transformative innovation in the healthcare supply chain is essential, and that in order to survive and succeed industry participants must be attuned to new developments and in command of new ways of doing business.

MEHD Partners

Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM)
Cardinal Health

Key members of the team

Prof. Yossi Sheffi, sheffi@mit.edu, Principal Investigator
Dr. Mahender Singh, msingh@mit.edu, Executive Director
David Riquier, riquier@mit.edu, Program Director
Ken Thomas, Research Affiliate, CTL, MIT
David Opolon, PhD Candidate, ESD, MIT