Digital technology is accelerating the pace of business and transforming supply chains. Transforming digitally the supply chain can lead to a 50% reduction in process costs and increase revenue by 20%. Our work explores how inter-organization collaboration challenges change during digital transformations.

Digital Supply Chain Transformation

The Digital Supply Chain Transformation Initiative (Digital SC) examines new collaborative paradigms that arise during digital transformations. Digital Supply Chain presents the challenges of aligning digital information flows with physical and financial flows. Digital transformation implies a changing business model with new opportunities for producing value along the chain. Digital Supply Chain assesses the effects of various inter-organizational business drivers using quantitative methodologies to better understand how collaboration may enhance digital transformation.

Research Domains

Multidimensional Collaboration

When companies jointly digitize their SC processes and digitalize their value chain, collaboration can take multiple forms. Then, collaboration becomes a key driver of competitive advantage. For instance, we evaluate which are the effects of Blockchain transactions in SC relationships or what are the roles for different stakeholders involved in the digital collaborative ecosystems.

Digital Supply Chain Capabilities

We evaluate the development of SC capabilities through digital transformation, such as resilience, efficiency, visibility, synchromodal capabilities in logistics networks or dynamic SC segmentation. We also help in the deployment of leadership styles that facilitate digital supply chain transformations and talent development.

Digital Customer Value

We develop strategies to quantify and bring customer value upstream to supply chain actors, as well as to reinforce the loop for creating further demand opportunities.

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