Research Affiliate

Tugba Efendigil is a Research Affiliate in Supply Chain Program at MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics. She has teaching and research experiences in Supply Chain Management in academia over ten years. She serves for both Supply Chain Residential Master Program and Supply Chain Blended Master Program, which is a combination of MITx Micro Master credential with one semester at MIT. Her focus areas are: demand forecasting, decision making, selection problems, electronic waste, closed loop supply chain management, mathematical statistics, fuzzy logic, machine learning and data analytics in various industries.

She earned her M.S and Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering at Yildiz Technical University, Turkey. She was a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Center for Industrial Management/Traffic at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium in 2011.  Before joining MIT, she was Associate Professor at Yildiz Technical University in Turkey. Dr. Tugba Efendigil is the author of numerous academic journals and conference papers, and she has presented her papers at both national and international conferences.

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