Visiting Student

Jonas Lehmann is a visiting student at MIT’s Center for Transportation and Logistics conducting research with Prof. Yossi Sheffi. His current research focusses on the attitude-behavior-gap of consumers for sustainable consumer goods. In particular, he investigates consumers’ willingness to pay a price premium for sustainable goods as well as the connection to their socio-economic characteristics.

Jonas holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany, and currently pursues his Master of Science in the same fields of study at KIT. Throughout his studies, Jonas gained extensive research experience working at Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation in the field of energy policy and energy markets. Additionally, he gained practical insights as an intern at Daimler, Roland Berger and the German Development Bank (KfW) among others. Having worked and studied in Mexico, Argentina and Peru, Jonas is fluent in Spanish and an enthusiast of Latin America.

Jonas Lehmann

1 Amherst Street
MIT E40-218
Cambridge, MA 02142
United States