MIT CTL is not currently accepting visiting scholars. We will update this page when campus resources and in-person accessibility allow for us to resume visits.


MIT CTL Visting Students

MIT CTL selectively welcomes exceptional researchers, professionals, and students to collaborate and innovate with us outside of our regular academic programs. Coming to the Center as a visiting student may be an option when a student's academic or research profile supports a currently active research initiative and a Center researcher may be of benefit to the visiting student's growth.

Visiting students at MIT CTL bring curiosity and expertise to the center to work closely with a researcher or research project for a limited amount of time. They generally would have completed a master's or be working on a PhD at their home university and seek additional contact within a specialized area of study. MIT CTL does not confer any degree or certificate of achievement on visiting students, but instead provides a hands-on way for students to engage in ongoing research.