Emirati Power Employees Gain Access to MicroMasters

September 23, 2018
Organizations pursue MicroMasters programs Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is providing its employees the opportunity to join the online MicroMasters program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA. This is part of DEWA’s strategy to develop the capabilities of young Emiratis and its commitment to continuously develop the skills of its staff according to the highest international educational and training standards. The specialities for DEWA staff include Statistics & Data Sciences; Supply Chain Management; and Data, Economics & Development Policy. DEWA is providing

Profits v. Planet: Can Big Business and the Environment Get Along?

September 07, 2018
Warren Buffett said that in Business, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” It has been more than two decades now since a 1996 issue of Life magazine depicted a Pakistani boy sewing a Nike soccer ball , reportedly for six cents per hour. After the story, the company lost more than half its market capitalization in just one year – it took Nike six years of demonstrated social responsibility to recuperate. Even today Nike is – fairly or unfairly – ranked low on lists of ethical companies. It has survived financially, but the reputation of the brand may never reco

Bryan Reimer Gives TEDx Talk on Future of Autonomous Vehicles

August 03, 2018
MIT AgeLab Research Scientist Bryan Reimer spoke at a TEDx event in Waltham, MA about the challenges ahead for making vehicles safer and what solutions are most sensible. Road traffic injuries are the 8th-leading cause of death worldwide. Over 1.25 million fatalities and 50 million non-fatal injuries occur per year globally. By many measures, traffic accidents represent a vastly undertreated public health crisis. Are autonomous vehicles the answer? Driver error has been pinpointed as the major cause of traffic accidents. The most highly touted solution to the problem has been to develop automa

Don’t Read Too Much Into the Straw Ban Fad

September 06, 2018
Companies and cities in the US are banning plastic straws ostensibly in an effort to curb the huge volumes of plastic waste being dumped in the world’s oceans. But the real reason for these bans has more to do with corporate image-building than environmental sustainability. The Walt Disney Company announced that it will eliminate single-use plastic straws and plastic stirrers at all owned and operated locations across the globe. American Airlines and Starbucks have introduced similar policies. The cities of Seattle and San Francisco have joined the rush to outlaw these widely used items. The p

Fresh MIT Perspective on Current State of 3PL Industry

September 04, 2018
When the 3PL Value Creation North America Summit 2018 convenes in Chicago this October, shippers will hear from a diverse group of industry experts on how to drive the best deals with their lead providers in both the global and domestic arenas. As Armstrong & Associates ’ 6th annual summit gets underway this fall, the consultancy plans on helping shippers gain fresh insights on 3PL trends and forecasts. At the same time, shippers will be seeking advice on how to establish and sustain relationships of trust and mutual benefit. Dr. Chris Caplice , Executive Director, MIT Center for Transportatio

Guest Voices: Straw Man Solutions for Sustainable Supply Chains

August 22, 2018
The Walt Disney Co. announced late last month it will eliminate single-use plastic straws and plastic stirrers at all owned and operated locations across the globe. Disney introduced the ban in response to concerns over the amount of waste plastic being dumped in the world’s oceans. The company described the decision as “another important step in our journey of environmental stewardship.” It’s a lofty statement, but I believe a more realistic assessment of the policy—and similar policies announced by other companies such as American Airlines and Starbucks Corp.—is that these enterprises are im

Clarifying the Business Case for Green Supply Chain Management

June 20, 2018
For most companies, sustainability is not a simple case of “profits vs. planet” but a more subtle issue of people looking for jobs and inexpensive goods versus others who seek a pristine environment. Here’s how your supply chain can satisfy these conflicting motivations to achieve both economic growth and environmental sustainability. Read More

Is S&OP in Your Resilience Toolbox?

June 12, 2018
Supply chain resilience has received a considerable amount of attention over the last decade or so, and although companies have achieved much in making their supply chains more resilient, many are still unprepared for disruptions. For example, a 2017 Zurich Business Continuity Institute survey with 400 responses found that 23% of the respondents experienced a supply chain disruption leading to at least $1 million losses and 9% experienced a loss in excess of $100 million. An interesting finding was that 51% of the respondents reported that the supply chain losses were not covered by their insu

Human Adaptability Still Needed in an AI-Driven World

June 08, 2018
If you’re one of the countless people wringing their hands over the prospect of artificial intelligence (AI) taking over the world, you might want to take a closer look at the kind of world AI is supposedly inheriting. It’s a world where human flexibility and adaptability are needed more than ever. AI can outperform humans in various ways but dealing with unrelenting change is not one of them – especially the fevered variety we are now subject to every day. The stop-go regime of President Donald Trump is a prime example. Just in the week or so preceding the writing of this blog post, the US sl