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How Relevant is Latin America? Challenges and Opportunities. Latin America is a well recognized and growing market, but its poor infrastructure, explosive urbanization, expensive and inefficient logistics, and multiple social problems continue to pose major problems to logistics professionals and academics. The uniqueness and complexity of these issues have long...
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The electronic newsletter of the MIT Global SCALE Network Issue #62 THE LEADING EDGE Subscribe to Frontiers 13 universities adopt MicroMasters and launch 18 new programs via edX The ground-breaking MicroMasters program launched by the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics a year ago is entering a new phase. The...

Going Mobile: The Personalized, On-Demand Future of Urban Transportation

October 05, 2017
Stakeholders throughout the transportation industry face fundamental disruptions as vehicle ownership yields to as-needed mobility. Mobility has been the lifeblood of modern civilization. Throughout the 20th century, autos and the auto industry propelled human development, bringing unrivaled utility and flexibility to the way people move. The automobile forever altered urban and suburban landscapes, and the auto industry emerged as one of the largest sectors of the world economy. Yet the industry — which survived the Great Depression, two world wars, and a two-peaked oil “crisis” — now faces

Here’s what you need to know about the French fuel protests

December 04, 2018
France is considering a state of emergency to quell some of the worst social unrest the country has seen in over a decade. A Monday appearance at the COP 24 climate change summit by French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe was abruptly canceled. Philippe instead spent the day with political leaders, discussing how to defuse nationwide protests that have increasingly turned violent.

Drug Delivery, Uncertainty, the Mom and Pop, and More - MIT CTL at INFORMS

November 27, 2018
Why we need operations and management research From malaria testing to micro-retail stores to global business operations, a clear understanding of what is happening in the supply chain is essential to exist and succeed. Observation of operations and knowledge of human actions alone are not enough. According to W. Edward Demming, "The world is drowning in information but is slow in the acquisition of knowledge." MIT CTL and SCALE researchers take aim at the deluge of information and translate it into working knowledge with their applied research. As part of this ongoing effort, 11 papers on

MIT Supply Chain Bootcamp

July 28,2019 3:00PM
August 02,2019 3:00PM

MIT Campus

Supply Chain Management is a rapidly changing field the requires the practitioner to stay up to date on trends and best practices. MIT Supply Chain Bootcamp builds on concepts taught in the MITx MicroMasters in SCM online courses. Participants use the tools and analytics learned online to make critical management decisions regarding the supply chain and the business in real-world scenarios.

MIT Transit Lab Wins William W. Millar Award in Transportation Research

October 05, 2018
MIT Transit Lab paper accepted for Millar Award Comfort is an important aspect of the transit passenger experience. Crowding can significantly decrease passenger comfort, disrupt service delivery and act as a deterrent to public transit usage. A recent paper published by the MIT Transit Lab was the winner of the William W. Millar Award for best paper in public transportation research. The paper sought to measure transit crowding in new ways. The research carried out jointly with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) resulted in a more customer-focused policy that included an

Bryan Reimer Gives TEDx Talk on Future of Autonomous Vehicles

August 03, 2018
MIT AgeLab Research Scientist Bryan Reimer spoke at a TEDx event in Waltham, MA about the challenges ahead for making vehicles safer and what solutions are most sensible. Road traffic injuries are the 8th-leading cause of death worldwide. Over 1.25 million fatalities and 50 million non-fatal injuries occur per year globally. By many measures, traffic accidents represent a vastly undertreated public health crisis. Are autonomous vehicles the answer? Driver error has been pinpointed as the major cause of traffic accidents. The most highly touted solution to the problem has been to develop
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The growing trend of e-commerce has led to new ways of selling and delivering products, resulting in increasing scale and complexity of last mile home delivery. The drive to provide convenience to consumers has led companies to offer faster delivery times. As a result, companies have focused on facility location,...
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In response to increasing urbanization, China seeks alternative public transportation methods, such as bike- sharing, which has demonstrated social and environmental benefits. As a result, the number of bike-sharing programs has grown rapidly over the last five years in China. Our sponsoring company TalkingData collects bike-sharing usage data via smartphones...