Publication Date
Authored by
Kai-Wei Lin, Lauren Jennifer Fellin
Advisor(s): Chris Caplice
Topic(s) Covered:
  • Data Analytics
  • Transportation

For a broker in the transportation industry, one of the most critical decisions for the carrier representatives within the company is determining which carrier to select for a customer load. In order to determine which carrier would be the best for a shipment, certain criteria need to be selected in order to align and develop a scorecard ranking system. To decide which carrier should be selected from its database for a shipment, GlobalTranz is seeking a strategic scorecard system that would complement its current carrier-shipper matching platform. In this capstone project, a customized ranking system was developed that would allow the carrier representatives to make strategic decisions. A narrowed down list of criteria was created that encompassed three major metrics including geographical fit, level of service, and financial fit. The prototype recommendation system will enable the carrier representative’s decision to be more objective. This solution will standardize the current decision process and facilitate efficiency in the future.

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