Publication Date
Authored by
Hannah Sonnenberg, Emma Eustis
Topic(s) Covered:
  • Strategy

Nanostores, small family-owned businesses, are a critical component of the Mexican economy, providing employment and acting as major customers for consumer-packaged goods companies. Our capstone paper presents a study of innovative business models aiming to help nanostores survive and grow, at a time when the Mexican economy is projected to expand. The study includes field research from over 4,000 nanostore owners and consumers in Mexico and explores innovative business models worldwide to identify potential solutions. We employed a disciplined entrepreneurship process to narrow down six models, which were then workshopped in Mexico with suppliers, consumers, and nanostore owners to assess viability and gather additional insights. The study emphasizes the importance of gathering direct feedback to ensure solutions align with the expectations of nanostore owners and truly help them survive. We are confident that our six models will help the nanostores thrive in the face of potential disruptions.