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Behzad Masoomi, Iman Ghasemian Sahebi, Fatemeh Gholian-Jouybari, Mostafa Hajiaghaei-Keshteli

Renewable energy resources will play an essential role in the future. However, the understanding of their supply chains and their relationship to emerging technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) has not been thoroughly investigated. Furthermore, integrating IoT technology can compute the impact on sustainable development goals and develop customized strategies. We collected information from 175 firms through a questionnaire to map the relevance of six factors: 1) lean and eco-friendly actions, 2) supply chain integration, 3) perceived benefit, 4) expenses, 5) data complexity, and 6) stakeholders’ support to explain IoT adoption and analyze its impact on the environmental, social and economic sustainability through advanced statistical analyses. IoT is a critical driver for sustainable energy supply chains, influenced by all six factors but data complexity. The research sheds light on how adopting IoT triggers better sustainable actions and eco-friendly behaviors, boosting collaboration and synchronization across the supply chains and developing regulations and industry standards.