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Mariana Moyano, Julio Castillo, Mario Chong
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In Peru, the traditional channel dominates with a 70% of market share; however, the modern channel and other organized retail chains (e.g., convenience stores) have been growing in recent years in the retail landscape. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic represented a new challenge for retailers due to the mobilization restrictions that affected consumption. Thus, the present work aims to describe the main characteristics of two nanostores from Ica, Peru, and capture the activities that compose their supply chain strategy. The applied methodology was adapted to the retail environment from a widely known procedure. We also supplemented it by adding a semi-structured interview based on qualitative semi-open questions to characterize processes, context and performance metrics. Finally, we added a 26-item questionnaire to score good business practices of the studied nanostores. This information allows us to visualize how these nanostores have adapted their business practices and operations after the pandemic and understand how nanostore owners manage their business.