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List of presentations cited in Supply Chain Frontiers #66

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Yossi Sheffi

“Logistics Clusters: Formation, Growth and Impact,” Cone Multimodal Conference, Recife, Brazil, March 12.

“The Environmental Balance,” Intermodal Expo, Sao Paulo, Brazil, March 13.

“Risk and Resilience Management for Competitive Advantage,” BASF, Mannheim, Germany, June 28.


Mustafa Cagri Gurbuz

2018 CSCMP European Conference, Rotterdam, Netherlands, May 17-18.

20th Annual EMEA Supply Chain & Logistics Summit & Expo, Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 4-6.

Alejandro Serrano

I Foro Internacional de Compliance Logístico, Zaragoza, Spain, March 7-8.

Susana Val

BlueStar Europe Smart Cities Event, Edinburgh, Scotland, April 9 – 11.

Transport Research Arena (TRA 2018), Vienna, Austria, April 16-19.

Bio Supply Chain Management Alliance, Lausanne, Switzerland, May 25.

4th Global Supply Chain Research Forum, Zaragoza, Spain, May 28-29.

Luca Urciuoli

27th International Conference on Management of Technology (IAMOT 2018), Birmingham, UK, April 22-26.

8th Swedish Production Symposium, Stockholm, Sweden, May 16 -18.