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The Ningbo Supply Chain Innovation Institute China (NSCIIC), Ningbo, China, is the only MicroMasters final exam center in that country. Six candidates from different parts of China took the comprehensive final exam on May 20th, 2017. 

Zheng Yuan works as a project manager in a well-known auto parts company in Shanghai. In his work, he needs to consider the cost, logistics and delivery time of products and address various day-to-day problems. “I think there must be a method to solve those problems. The answer is SCM. It helps me solve many problems in my daily work,” says Yuan.

Xi Lewen is a Frenchman who has been working in China for six years. He is a senior manager at a commercial company in Shanghai engaged on procurement and export work. Lewen says, “Our boss introduced the MicroMaster program to me, so I spent some time to try it. I found the content interesting and closely related to my work. Now, 15 colleagues in our company are learning the course.”

The candidates suggested several additional areas where MicroMasters offers important advantages. Other online courses lack interactive communications, they said. For example, the global nature of MicroMasters means that learners can communication with each across geographies. Also, the program is split into several modules that pose relevant questions and quizzes. This structure allows students to spend less time on each knowledge point, and to better focus their attention on the classes. And importantly, this high-level program that is taught by MIT faculty can be accessed free of charge.

“I hope that more and more learners can join the MicroMasters learning team,” says Shaoxuan Liu, Director of NSCIIC.

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