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How innovation is reshaping freight transportation, the evolution of omni-channel supply chains, and the challenges of adopting financial best practices, are topics that concern today’s supply chain professionals – and they will be addressed in three upcoming MIT CTL events on the MIT campus.

The Innovations in Transportation: Impact of New Technologies roundtable will take place on October 6, 2016. This highly interactive event will look at innovation from the shipper, carrier, broker, and technology perspectives. Specific issues such as the prospects for Uber- or Lyft-like freight matching services will be explored by attendees.

Companies have invested substantial resources in the development of omni-channel supply chains, but some fundamental issues still have to be resolved. The Omni-channel: Completing the Integrated Experience Puzzle roundtable, scheduled for November 3, 2016, will discuss these issues. For example, how can companies design fully integrated product ordering and delivery systems?

Supply chain management plays a key role in the financial management of firms, yet operational and finance functions often speak different languages and can find it difficult to collaborate. The Supply Chain Financial Analysis executive education course on finance will help professionals to bridge this gap and explain the impact of operational issues on financial performance. The course will take place on November 30 to December 1, 2016.

For more information on these events contact Katie Date,, or obtain more information on the MIT CTL website here.