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The MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics (CTL) has launched the Demand Management Research Group (DMRG) to develop innovative strategies and methods that can help supply chain managers optimally match supply and demand over all time horizons, from real-time operations to long-term planning. The Group is scheduled to begin work on January 1, 2007.
“We are committing substantial MIT resources to this multi-year initiative because mastering demand management is of major importance to companies looking to use supply chains  as a competitive weapon” said CTL Research Director Larry Lapide, head of the new program.
The DMRG research agenda covers the full gamut of demand management topics. It includes supply and demand matching methods such as Sales and Operations Planning, what decision support information is available to managers, and improving the coordination and integration of DM processes.
A comprehensive package of deliverables comes with DMRG membership:

  • An annual MIT visit to member sites by DMRG staff. The staff will conduct a working session, share research findings, and gather data for case study generation.
  • Incremental MIT research projects in DM strategies and methods. Members of the Group have ongoing access to methodologies, work-in-progress, researchers, and Group outputs.
  • An annual networking retreat. The gathering will offer an intimate, roundtable setting for briefings on MIT research and case study work, and provide a forum for discussing and sharing learnings, and experiences.
  • Complimentary guest passes to one DM Solutions Research Group meeting and access to its output.

As Lapide pointed out, this slate of deliverables combined with the DMRG research agenda provides multiple benefits for members. In addition to gaining a deep understanding of the DM discipline, members have the opportunity to train people on advanced DM strategies and methods, to tap into DMGR expertise, and to take advantage of a low-risk way to explore new approaches to DM.

CTL is also organizing a separate demand management initiative called the Demand Management Solutions Research Group.  This group convenes mostly solution providers that market a variety of demand management related services including systems, software, consulting, and 3PL contracting. Corporate IT professionals may also be interested in joining this group. 
To become a member of the DMRG send an email saying you are joining to Bob Vaz. For more information contact Larry Lapide.