March 30, 2022

David Correll and Ken Cottrill discuss the potential impact on the supply chain sustainability space by "just transition", a principle that would attempt to balance a successful economy and cleaner environment. Is just transition another short-lived buzzword - like "net zero" - that will have minimal impact on supply chain operations, or is it something more substantial?

David and Ken's article, originally posted on our MIT Supply Chain blog, was recently featured in GreenBiz.

One example is the transition to green freight transportation, and more specifically, how the adoption of fuel-efficient vehicles and practices could have negative outcomes for labor. For instance, it is argued that regulations in California that require trucking companies to convert to fuel-efficient engines impose extra costs on owner/operators that could force many of them out of business. A just transition to more sustainable vehicles could level the playing field and make the cost of fuel-efficient diesel engines less onerous for small operators.