December 14, 2020
In the Media

MIT SCM ‘00 grad Marc Boyle’s company, Boyle Transportation is cited in the Wall Street Journal for its role in vaccine distribution in the U.S.

“Moving vaccines and other pharmaceutical products with strict temperature requirements is a delicate business. Carriers that specialize in such shipments typically provide what is known as temperature-validated service. Sensors and other devices monitor conditions inside the trailer and record data to confirm that the temperature remains within a certain range.

Fleets that work with pharmaceutical companies undergo extensive quality audits and certifications based on global standards for the transport of medicine. Developing that expertise “took us about 10 years,” said Andrew Boyle, co-president of Boyle Transportation. “You can’t haul chicken nuggets and then transport oncology drugs.”

Carriers typically use two-driver teams for such shipments to keep trucks moving and ensure valuable cargo isn’t left unattended.