September 07, 2017

The foundation course for the series, CTL.SC0x Supply Chain Analytics, is open for enrollment now. We now offer you the opportunity to bulk enroll your group.  The course begins on September 13 and enrollment remains open until the end of the month. CTL.SC0x by itself is an effective and scalable way to bring graduate-level learning to you or your staff. The course covers industry-standard techniques in analysis and modeling, including statistics, regression, optimization, and probability. CTL.SC0x lasts 12 weeks and is the best introduction to the entire credential series.

MIT CTL is committed to supporting supply chain education worldwide. A recent study commissioned by the World Bank calls for a substantial increase in logistics training at all levels to address a global shortage of logistics skills. The study also recommends that training programs should be more appealing and effective. This is why we offer The MicroMasters Credential in Supply Chain Management. It is a standalone online certificate program designed to teach many of the materials offered in our #1 ranked MIT on-campus master’s program.

The credential series offers a hands-on, master’s level competency training in SCM through five online courses: Supply Chain Analytics (CTL.SC0x), Supply Chain Fundamentals (CTL SC1x), Supply Chain Design (CTL SC2x), Supply Chain Dynamics (CTL.SC3x) and Supply Chain Technology and Systems (CTL.SC4x). Learners who complete and successfully earn a Verified Certificate in all five courses and pass a comprehensive proctored final exam earn the MicroMasters Credential.

“The MicroMasters program helps employees with very specialized skills do their specific job in a more informed manner, because it opens up their eyes to the larger picture of what is going on within the entire supply chain.” ~ Jes Bengtsson, Head of Planning, SAB Miller Europe.

Employees and teams from leading companies and diverse industries use CTL.SC0x to improve their capabilities and upskill. Over 210,000 unique learners from over 190 countries have enrolled in at least one MicroMasters course and more than 13,000 have invested in verified certificates in at least one course. Verified students in our courses gain full access to MicroMasters classes and online teaching materials as well as supplemental materials only available to verified learners. MicroMasters learners report immediate benefit in their day to day work while taking the SCx courses.

The courses gave me self-confidence again to make strategic decisions. What we learned was on the one hand challenging and complex enough to reflect the real-world problems, but on the other hand still sufficiently simple to be understood well.” ~Paulina Gisbrecht, Customer Fulfillment Leader, GE Power, Germany.

If you are interested in investing in your employees’ future, we are offering bulk enrollment to groups of ten or more. To learn more about enrolling you group, contact Dr. Eva Ponce, Executive Director of the MITx MicroMasters in Supply Chain Management.