December 14, 2022
In the Media

MIT FreightLab Co-Director David Correll discussed how sharing data among shippers, brokers, and carriers could address recurring issues in FreightWaves.

“The amount of dwell that we expect a driver to experience at a facility drops almost exponentially with repeated visits to that facility,” Correll said. “The brass tacks implication of that is that keeping people in the supply chain with consistent routes or consistent route expectations leads to things running more smoothly and effectively.

“Drivers are leaving reviews on Google maps for the facilities they visit. They’re not getting all the information they need before they arrive at a facility for the first time. So they are finding ways to share that information. Anytime there is a vacuum of information, smart entrepreneurial people try to fill it. Those kinds of feedback mechanisms are showing up on some of the third-party apps like the Uber Freight app,” he said. “That’s something that is going to become more and more present going forward.”

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