May 02, 2023
In the Media

This article by Dylan Walsh was originally published as part of MIT Sloan School of Management's Ideas Made to Matter series. Read the entire article here.

Why It Matters: At nearly 200 years old, P&G is the 19th-largest public company in the world. The key to its success is focusing on customer delight, according to CEO Jon Moeller.

Procter & Gamble started out selling soaps and candles in 1837. Nearly two centuries later, it is one of the top 20 largest public companies in the world. How has it stayed so relevant?

“I would venture to guess that many of you, if asked, would view this industry and our company as an old-economy company that grows very slowly,” P&G CEO, president, and chairman of the board Jon Moeller said in late March during a talk at the Crossroads Conference hosted by the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics. “Nothing could be further from the truth.”

In a conversation with MIT Sloan professor Charles Fine, Moeller discussed how P&G continues to prioritize customer satisfaction, navigates sustainability challenges and a rapidly changing market, and plans to stay successful for another 200 years.

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