July 25, 2018
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NINGBO, CHINA, July 25, 2018 - The 11th International Conference of Chinese Scholars Association of Management Science and Engineering (CSAMSE) was hosted by the Ningbo Supply Chain Innovation Institute China, a member of MIT Global SCALE (Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence) Network, from July 14-16, with the theme of “Building Intelligent Supply Chains”. The conference arranged 4 keynote speeches, 2 industrial panel discussions, the Young Scholars Colloquium, the Female Scholar Luncheon and 46 technical sessions. More than 400 scholars and corporate executives from all over the world attended the conference.

Supply Chain Management Speakers

In the opening speech, Professor Shaoxuan Liu, director of NSCIIC, pointed out new technologies are disrupting traditional ways of supply chain management and urged the participants from both academia and business community to engaged active interaction and discussion throughout the conference and inspired all to think more about the contemporary trends and generate insights for the future of supply chain.

Professor Fangruo Chen, the founding chairman of the CSAMES, called on everyone to contribute to the development of Chinese management theory and practice. He also mentioned that one of the key motivations for establishing the association and the annual conference was to improve the connection between academic research and practice, and he promised that the association would continue to bring together scholars and practitioners to foster a meaningful dialogue between academia and industry.

Professor Yossi Sheffi, director of MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics and honorary director of NSCIIC, gave a keynote speech on "Future Supply Chain" as the opening. Professor Sheffi shared his thoughts and insights about the impact of  new technologies including 3D printing , cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, blockchain on future supply chain.

Jim Dai, professor from Cornell University School of Operations Research and Information Engineering, gave a keynote speech entitled "Hospital Inpatient Management."  

Menghuai Chen, President of vTradEx Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., delivered a keynote speech of “Visualization and Practice of Intelligent Supply Chain at Enterprise-level”. In addition,  Feng Xiang, Vice President of YTO Express (International) Holdings Co., Ltd. delivered a keynote speech entitled “Theory, Path and Practice of Logistics Innovation”.

About the Conference

The conference participants witnessed the launching ceremony of the Supply Chain Innovation China Alliance(SICA). The alliance was jointly initiated by NSCIIC and Y-CITY Global Innovation Institute. Professor Shaoxuan Liu said the Alliance aims at gathering the first-rate academic, industrial, technology and capital resources, so as to boost the talent training, technology innovation, industry development and international cooperation. The Alliance will closely cooperate with outstanding organizations and enterprises around the world to promote and enhance the application of supply chain innovation in China.

In the afternoon sessions, senior executives from eight company members of SICA participated in two industrial roundtable discussion moderated by Professor Shaoxuan Liu and Ms. Lan Shi, CEO of Y-CITY.

The conference also held the Young Scholars Colloquium, which focused on the topic of career planning, research direction, and research methods. To help young scholars publish high-level academic journals, the Colloquium has also brought new insights into academic research.

On the evening of July 14, the conference held the Best Paper Award Ceremony and Welcome Banquet. This year's conference received 192 essay submissions from domestic universities and research institutes. Five papers were awarded as the CSAMSE Annual Conference Outstanding Paper.

Technical sessions were held on July 15th. The participating scholars had a very active discussion on academic papers that reflected the latest research results in the sessions. The reports covered retail, sharing economy, inventory management, green supply chain, supply chain finance, supply chain risk management, etc.

As the organizer of CSMASE annual conference, NSCIIC has significantly contributed in promoting academic and cultural communication. The successful organization of this event has demonstrated NSCIIC’s responsibility and capability in promoting the cutting-edge research in the academic field, and has remarkably enhanced its academic status and international influence.

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