May 16, 2016

MIT Office of Digital Learning-- The second in a new series of open online courses, part of MIT's MicroMaster’s program in supply chain management, is open for enrollment. The field of supply chain management (SCM) is on the rise. For organizations, the logistics behind moving products from factories and warehouses to storefronts and doorsteps across the globe is critical. For employees, the highly valued skills needed to do the job — data and financial analysis, technological know-how, leadership, and the art of negotiation — provide a tremendous opportunity for career advancement. Look no further than Tim Cook, who rose from procurement manager to CEO of Apple after revamping the company’s supply chain system.  

“The number one reason to go into supply chain management is career potential,” says Chris Caplice, executive director of the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics. “More and more companies are looking for supply chain managers. It’s such an exciting, growing field right now.”

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