January 07, 2019

By Maria Jesus Saenz and Ken Cottrill

It seems that no self-respecting company can be without a digital transformation (DT) strategy these days. But shifting an organization from an analog mindset to the brave new world of digitalization is a long and challenging journey. Where do you start, how do you prepare employees, and once there, how do you engender trust in digitalized processes?

These issues were explored from a retail industry perspective at a recent MIT CTL roundtable. The Future of Retailing roundtable took place on November 14-15 2018, and brought together supply chain practitioners from various organizations including manufacturers, retailers and third-party logistics providers.

The discussions did not yield any magic bullets—there aren’t any, of course—but they did produce a number of insights that can help companies tread easier as they quest toward a digitalized
supply chain future.

Supply Chain Management Review