April 09, 2018
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CAMBRIDGE, BOSTON, Mass., April 9, 2018 More than 170 researchers from some 35 Latin-American universities along with representatives from 12 companies will gather at the MIT campus on April 15 and 16, 2018, to drive a research agenda in logistics and supply chain management for the region.

SCALE Latin AmericaThe two-day 2018 MIT SCALE Latin America Conference is an unparalleled event, in that it is configured around a network of academic institutions in Latin America that support academic and research programs in logistics and supply chain management.

The conference is organized by the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics in collaboration with the Center for Latin-American Logistics Innovation (CLI), a member of the MIT Latin-American SCALE Network of centers. CLI celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

At the conference, professors, practitioners and students from 11 Latin-American countries will discuss some 100 research projects during 21 parallel sessions. The conference organizers aim to publish 10 to 15 high-quality papers derived from the event in recognized scientific journals.

“Since the MIT SCALE Latin America Conference was inaugurated two years ago the number of attendees has increased by about 40%, reflecting growing interest in advancing the supply chain discipline in Latin America,” says Dr. Christopher Mejia Argueta, Director of the MIT Latin-American SCALE Network. “Companies doing business in the region face a number of unique supply chain challenges, and the forum has a key role to play in helping enterprises overcome these challenges and improve operational efficiency,” he added.

This role is encapsulated in the conference’s mission: to provide a forum for sharing the knowledge gained from high-impact educational and research projects in supply chain management relevant to Latin America.

MIT SCALE Latin America Conference media contact: Dr. Chris Mejia, cmejia@mit.edu



About the MIT Global SCALE Network

The MIT Global SCALE (Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence) Network is an international alliance of leading research and education centers dedicated to supply chain and logistics excellence through innovation. There are six centers in the United States, Spain, Colombia, Malaysia, Luxembourg and China.

About the MIT Latin-American SCALE Network

The MIT Latin-American SCALE Network is an alliance of leading-edge research and education organizations dedicated to the development and dissemination of innovative supply chain and logistics solutions in Latin America. It is part of the MIT Global SCALE Network.