September 04, 2018

When the 3PL Value Creation North America Summit 2018 convenes in Chicago this October, shippers will hear from a diverse group of industry experts on how to drive the best deals with their lead providers in both the global and domestic arenas.

As Armstrong & Associates 6th annual summit gets underway this fall, the consultancy plans on helping shippers gain fresh insights on 3PL trends and forecasts. At the same time, shippers will be seeking advice on how to establish and sustain relationships of trust and mutual benefit.

Dr. Chris Caplice, Executive Director, MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics Founding Director, MIT FreightLab, shares some of his views on industry in advance of his participation in the Summit.

Supply Chain Management Review: What are the greatest challenges facing 3PLs today in the domestic and global marketplace?

Dr. Chris Caplice: In a word, relevance.  There are dozens of startups that are challenging the whole idea of needing a traditional third-party company to manage their freight.  In my opinion, new innovative technology will never totally replace the need for people to design and manage transportation networks, but it will reduce the total number required.  Technology will make individuals more efficient to the point where a third party that provides additional people might not be needed. 

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