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November 25, 2020
In the Media

Director of MIT Digital Supply Chain Transformation Lab, Maria Jesus Saenz spoke with the MIT Technology Review Insights series. "Turbulent times can expose weaknesses in distribution chains, putting stress on chokepoints and reducing access to critical components, suppliers, and capital. The ability to respond to changes rapidly and effectively depends on a variety of assets and business capabilities: replacing or augmenting supply sources in response to partner inventory issues or trade war-induced tariffs or restrictions, and having agile manufacturing processes that reduce redundancies and streamline product inputs. Digitalization is central to achieving resilience because it leads to better insight into decision-making. “Digital transformation provides firms with a certain purpose: increased visibility across their entire supply chain. Business leaders use visibility to increase responsiveness—and with that, they can achieve resilience,” says Maria Jesus Saenz, director of research for digital supply chain transformation at the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics."

MIT Technology Review