October 15, 2019 - 8:00AM
October 16, 2019 - 1:00PM

MIT Campus


Data fuels machine learning. Without timely, accurate data, machine learning models do not perform well and can give results that are misleading or fail to deliver value. It is vitally important that companies source and prepare data in the right manner - even though the process can require a vast amount of preparatory work and specialist expertise that may appear daunting. Companies should not even consider embarking on a machine learning project before completing this process.

***Available only to Supply Chain Exchange members and invited guests.

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In this roundtable, participants will explore the challenges of acquiring the right data as well as the work needed to turn data into the fuel that will run machine learning models efficiently. We aim to address these questions among others. 

  • How do you collect the right data?
  • How do you visualize data?
  • How do you prepare the data for analysis?
  • How do you make decisions about the governance and structure of data?

***This MIT CTL Roundtable is exclusively for members of the MIT CTL Supply Chain Exchange and invited guests. If you are not a member of the Exchange and are interested in attending this roundtable as a potential SCE member, please contact ctl-events@mit.edu.

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Tuesday, October 15
  Welcome and Introductions
  I: To Be Announced
   - Break
  II: Managing Transformation and Change through Use-Case-Based Prioritization
   - Lunch
  III: Future State Data Governance Structures and Policies
  IV: Data Storage
   - Break
  CAVE Tour
  Closing: Key Take-Aways from Day 1
   - Reception
Wednesday, October 16
  Recap of Day 1 and Introduction
  V: Collecting the Right Data
   - Break
  VI: Understanding Your Data
   - Lunch
  VII: Data Visualization
   - Break
  VIII: Data Wrangling
  Closing: Key Take-Aways from Day 2
   - Adjourn


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