Why women in supply chain?

Engineering and Supply Chain Management have traditionally been male-dominated fields. This is slowly changing. According to the 2019 Women in Supply Chain Survey by Gartner, the average percentage of women in Supply Chain roles has increased from 37% to 39% over a three-year period from 2017–2019.

The goal of this roundtable is to bring the supply chain community together to share in the insights, experiences, and knowledge of inspiring women who are leaders in their industries and in their supply chain roles. Through the sharing of these lessons and experiences, we will develop best practices that ensure continued growth in attracting and retaining talented women into the supply chain field. 

This event is exclusively for members of the MIT CTL Supply Chain Exchange and invited guests.

For more information, contact Katie Date.

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***IMPORTANT UPDATE: Considering the evolution of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and the potential for contagion in large gatherings, we have elected to postpone the Women in Supply Chain Summit until further notice.

Our approach is consistent with a new policy at MIT which constrains our ability to convene in large groups for several months. We will be modifying all of our events to make them virtual or reschedule them for an appropriate time in the future when the risks have abated.

This news may not come as a surprise, but it still may cause some inconvenience. We apologize for any trouble this may cause, and hope that you can understand that this decision represents our best judgment, at this point in time for taking practical steps to reduce risk for our guests and our community while attempting to maintain our normal pursuit of our educational and research mission.***