Complimentary to Supply Chain Exchange members

Widespread shortages experienced around the globe have highlighted the criticality of the supply chain. But these have also illustrated the importance of maintaining supply continuity to keep supply chains operating. MIT CTL will convene a roundtable discussion on “Building Upstream Supply Chain Resilience” at the headquarters of Johnson & Johnson in New Brunswick, NJ. The conversation will focus on creating resilience upstream in supply chains – with suppliers. Supply chain leaders from the Supply Chain Exchange and invited guests will discuss these key topics:

  • Assessing supplier risk & measuring upstream resilience
  • Collaborating to create resilience
  • Upstream resilience & Supplier resilience options
  • Tools enabling upstream resilience (Transparency, Monitoring)

Each session will feature contributions from industry practitioners and shared experiences. These discussions and exchanges will inform the group about the current challenges and cutting-edge practices to create upstream supply chain resilience.

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