Research Scientist, AgeLab

Chuck Green is a Human Factors Scientist and Engineer who has been studying driver performance with driving automation systems for 17 years, most recently leading the development of the human interface for GM’s Super Cruise feature. While Chuck was at General Motors, he served as a principal investigator in NHTSA’s L2L3 and FHWA’s HF4LAADS driving automation research projects, as well as the ACAT-Backing project; Chuck was also GM’s representative to the NHTSA/CAMP Automated Vehicle Research project. Chuck is a core member of SAE and ISO driving automation workgroups, including J3016, J3114 and J3048. Chuck commissioned driver performance research for Super Cruise, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keeping Assist, Automatic Emergency Braking, Reverse Automatic Braking, Unintended Deceleration, Rear Vision, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and related features. Prior to working in the Automotive industry, Chuck spent five years managing a usability laboratory at Southwestern Bell’s research arm as well as conducting research on speech recognition, interactive voice response, text messaging and mobile internet products. Chuck received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois Champaign (1990), and his MS (1992) and PhD (1995) in Industrial and Systems Engineering – Human Factors from Virginia Tech.

Headshot of Chuck Green