Research Scientist, AgeLab

Bruce Mehler is a Research Scientist in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for Transportation & Logistics - AgeLab, and former Director of Applications & Development at NeuroDyne Medical Corporation. He has an extensive background in the development and application of non-invasive physiological monitoring technologies and current research interests in attention management, workload assessment, individual differences in response to cognitive demand and stress, and in how individuals adapt to new technologies and user interfaces. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Washington and an MA in Psychology from Boston University where he completed doctoral qualifying exams prior to a career shift to the medical device industry in 1986. Mr. Mehler continues to maintain an interest in health status and behavior from his early work in behavioral medicine, having completed a pre-doctoral fellowship in Behavioral Medicine at Boston University Medical Center. He returned to a more academic focus in 2007 with a research appointment at MIT. Mr. Mehler is currently a senior member of the technical teams for the Advanced Human Factors Evaluator for Attentional Demand (AHEAD) and the Advanced Vehicle Technology (AVT) consortia at MIT.

Bruce Mehler

MIT Room E40-275c
Cambridge, MA 02139
United States