The End is Nigh for Some Retailers – But Not the World

November 09, 2017
Traditional “brick and mortar” retailers are disappearing in record numbers and many are close to drawing their last commercial breath. The demise of well-known brands may be regrettable to some – but it’s not the end of the world. While this period of disruption is traumatic for many people, it’s important to keep in mind that there is plenty of good news too. The structural changes that are redefining retailing as we know it also are creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs and job seekers. One of the changes involves a long overdue rationalization of retail capacity in the United States

Harvey and Irma Delivered Some Harsh Planning Lessons

October 05, 2017
Devastating hurricanes such as Katrina, Sandy and now Harvey and Irma are forces of nature that can’t be stopped by us mere mortals. But we can at least stop intensifying their impact through a lack of foresight. Our hearts go out to the citizens of Houston and Florida as they dig out from the ravages of Harvey and Irma. But as the Economist reminds us, The US is by no means the only place to fall victim recently to catastrophic flooding. In India, Bangladesh, and Nepal, at least 1,200 people died and millions lost their homes after flooding caused by this year’s monsoon. Last month torrential

Supply Chain Analytics - CTL.SC0x Enrollment is Open. Companies Can Now Enroll in Groups!

September 07, 2017
The foundation course for the series, CTL.SC0x Supply Chain Analytics , is open for enrollment now. We now offer you the opportunity to bulk enroll your group . The course begins on September 13 and enrollment remains open until the end of the month. CTL.SC0x by itself, is an effective and scalable way to bring graduate-level learning to you or your staff. The course covers industry standard techniques in analysis and modeling, including statistics, regression, optimization and probability. CTL.SC0x lasts 12 weeks and is the best introduction to the entire credential series. MIT CTL is committ

Next Gen Supply Chain: The NextGen Interview

September 01, 2017
Many companies today want to think of themselves as an innovator, but what does innovation look like in the supply chain? We put that question to Jim Rice , deputy director of MIT’s Center for Transportation and Logistics . NextGen Supply Chain: We’re all familiar with product innovations like the smartphone or electric cars. But what does innovation look like in the supply chain? Rice: We often think about cool and sexy technologies changing our supply chains, but it really looks like the work we have been doing in supply chains forever, basically doing things that reduce costs, cut cycle tim

Back To School Season & The Key To Hacking Both Work & Retirement Security

September 02, 2017
On September 1st of every year, the city of Boston abruptly transforms. Seemingly every apartment lease in the entire city ends on August 31st, leading to an enormous shuffle of moving vans, of furniture being hauled through doorways and onto street corners. The summer heat finally abates, bringing on hoodie weather, and it seems that just about everywhere you look, there are college logos on the breasts of young, excitable, first year college students, the faces of back-to-school season. Many of us associate this time of year with change and new beginnings--and we tend mostly to associate tha

Your Car Should Be Safer Before It Becomes Autonomous

August 30, 2017
Featuring Bryan Reimer, Research Scientist at MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics' AgeLab Trends in auto safety are moving in the wrong direction. The number of traffic deaths in the United States over the past two years has increased by 14%, according to the National Safety Council, the largest jump in nearly a half century. More than 40,000 people died on our roads last year alone, the most since 2007. And another 4.6 million were seriously injured, a 7% increase from 2015. The financial implications are staggering as well. The NSC estimates that motor vehicle deaths, injuries, and pro

A New Breed of Price Predator?

August 09, 2017
In international trade, the practice of dumping – exporting product at a predatory price to capture market share – is usually associated with aggressive countries intent on moving into a national market at any cost. Are we now seeing a commercial enterprise with country-sized market muscle get into the dumping business? I’m referring to the on-line behemoth, In the politicized trade arena, governments often accuse each other of dumping. Earlier this year the Trump administration took up the antidumping cause against China on behalf of US steelmakers. Such grievances can owe as much

How Back-of-Mind Backrooms Rob Retailers of Profits

July 28, 2017
There's a significant cost associated with taking the backroom for granted. Taking the time to re-evaluate a variety of relevant factors can help companies operate a more efficient, cost-effective backroom. When designing the layout of their stores, retailers understandably pay close attention to the front spaces—the places where consumers purchase goods and interact with staff. The dynamics of these customer-facing areas are relatively well understood. Backroom spaces, on the other hand, tend to attract less attention and are not as well understood, especially in the context of their impact o

A New Class of Education Makes the Grade

July 10, 2017
The education industry is not known for being on the cutting edge of innovation, but last month a milestone was reached in an innovative online program that opens new avenues to professional education. Called MITx MicroMasters , the program is part of a broader movement to redefine the way professional education is structured and delivered in response to the changing demand for talent. The MITx MicroMasters credential was introduced by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in October 2015, to open new pathways to online education and professional master’s degrees. MIT chose the top-ranked