Today, an efficient supply chain is at the heart of business success. The organizations that partner with MIT CTL gain access to world-leading research, unrivaled expertise, and a unique forum for exchanging knowledge. 

Our corporate outreach program brings together more than 50 global companies to solve critical supply chain challenges. There is a strong emphasis on turning innovative ideas into competitive advantage.  

Companies that benefit most from working with CTL are:

  • Preparing to implement pivotal change
  • Evaluating supply chains in transition
  • Priming to take their supply chains to a higher level of efficiency
  • Employing supply chain innovations to achieve corporate goals

How organizations work with CTL

Our Supply Chain Exchange (SCE) is a robust, flexible corporate outreach program that offers four levels of engagement so that all organizations have an opportunity to participate.

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For more than four decades, the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics (MIT CTL) has been a world leader in supply chain management education and research. MIT CTL has made significant contributions to supply chain logistics and has helped numerous companies gain competitive advantage from its cutting-edge research. Learn more at