Publication Date

Forty-nine MIT Global SCALE Network thesis research posters we on display at this year’s MIT Research Expo, on January 25, 2017, at the MIT campus.

A highlight of the annual event is the competition for the top three posters. The prizes were presented by APICS. This year’s winners were:


Gustavo Perez-Franco, Pablo Scasso, Rodrigo Alvarez (GCLOG)

“Introducing E-Commerce into Grocery Convenience Stores in Latin America.”


Sowjanya Bhamidipati, Yogesh Jadhav (MSCM)

“Managing Perishable Goods Inventory During Switch Period.”


Bernarda Serrano, Tianshu Huang (SCM)

“Truckload vs. Intermodal.”


Romina Garcia, Beverly Osborn, Greivin Rodriguez (ZLOG)

“Adding Value Through Collaboration: Big Data in Order Fulfillment.”

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