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Supply Chain Frontiers issue #59 | Lea todos artículos en este asunto


Bruce Arntzen

“Quantifying Benefits: Value-at-Risk,” MIT CTL Quantifying Resilience Roundtable, Cambridge, MA, US, October 29

Yossi Sheffi

“The Power of Resilience,” Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, US, October 16

“Sensing Supply Chain Risks,” Biogen, Cambridge, MA, US, October 28

“The Power of Resilience Book Launch,” MIT Campus, Cambridge, MA, US, October 28

“The Power of Resilience,” Instituto Technologico, Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 24


Ioannis N. Lagoudis

“Scenario-Based High Risk Analysis in Maritime Operations”, ECONSHIP 2015, Chios, Greece, June 24-27. With N. J. Zompakis, D J Soudris.

“Maritime Cluster Attractiveness Index”, IAME 2015,” Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, August 24 – 26. With T L Yip and E Madentzoglou.

“Shipper Value Perception in the Marine Container Industry: A Case Study”, IAME 2015, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, August 24 – 26. With D Gligor and M Maloni.

“Supply Chain Innovation: Opportunity and Challenge,” Keynote Presentation, Express, Logistics & Supply Chain Conclave, Mumbai, India, September 29.


María Jesús Sáenz

“Últimas tendencias en la SCM,” CAAR, Zaragoza, IBERCIDE, November 21.

Luca Urciuoli

Post-Expo 2105, Port Maseille, Paris, France, September 29 to October 1.

Susana Val

22nd World Congress and Exhibition on Intelligent Transport Systems and Services, Bordeaux, France, 5 – 9 October.