November 03, 2016 - 8:30AM
November 03, 2016 - 5:00PM

1 Broadway, 6th Floor, Cambridge, MA

Companies have invested substantial amounts of money and valuable managerial time in developing omni-channel supply chains. Although they have achieved some success, the vision of a seamless service that enables customers to shop via any channel or device and receive purchases on time at their chosen locations, has yet to be fully realized. The challenges of adding new capabilities, and connecting or modifying existing systems, have proved more formidable than generally anticipated.

Some of the challenges are daunting. For example:

  • Designing ordering and delivery systems that create an integrated experience for the customer.
  • How to modify existing systems or invest heavily in new systems to create these capabilities. 
  • Having modified existing systems, at what point should the firm invest in a new system?

In addition, practitioners need to address a number of more specific issues such as:

  • Deciding where customer orders should be prepared and built.
  • Developing the optimum mix of delivery options – including home delivery, drop locker and store pickup - for getting orders to customers with a high level of reliability.
  • Identifying and implementing the most effective technologies and enablers.

The MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics’ Supply Chain Exchange will host a roundtable on campus on November 3, 2016, to focus on these topics.  Practitioners from Exchange partner companies including retailers, manufacturers, 3PLs and carriers will share their experiences of these challenges and map out potential solutions.

We will cover five key topics:

  1. Where to prepare the orders?
  2. Where does the order meet the customer?  
  3. How does the order meet the customer?
  4. Integrating the capabilities
  5. Technology enablers

  8:30  Registration and Continental Breakfast
  9:00  Introductions and Ground Rules for Roundtable
  9:15  Session I:  Where to Prepare the Orders?
10:30  Break and Informal Discussion
11:00  Session II: Where Does the Order Meet the Customer?
12:30  Lunch 
  1:30  Session III:  How to Reach the Online Customer?
  2:30  Break and informal discussion
  3:00  Session IV:  Technology Enablers & Trends
  4:00  Wrap Up and Next Steps
  4:30  Adjournment followed by a beer tasting reception hosted by Anheuser-Busch InBev

There is no charge to attend this event for MIT CTL Partners. Attendance is by invitation only. For more information please contact Katie Date

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