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Qin Gao is currently a visiting scholar in the MIT AgeLab at the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics and an Associate Professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering at Tsinghua University, where she directs the Institute of Human Factors and Ergonomics. Her research focuses on the design and evaluation of the interaction between human and computing systems with the aim to accommodate and leverage the perceptive, cognitive, and social characteristics of human users in system design. Her research spans three principal domains, i.e., complex safety-critical systems, social web, and universal design.

Qin Gao received her BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tsinghua University in 1998, MS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Aachen University in 2005, and Ph.D. degree in Management Science and Engineering (with a focus on human factors) in 2006 from Tsinghua University.

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Cambridge, MA 02142
United States